• 2021-22

    Secretary at Leo Club of Dhaka

  • 2021

    Participate "Sharing Information through Citizen Journalism" from EMK

  • 2020-21

    Public Relationship Coordinator at Leo Club of Dhaka

    Informing the community that my club work for vision screening with the help of the youths, conducted the vision screening, and collected the eyeglasses. Supported our club's membership efforts by actively promoting our club and its worthwhile activities. I projected a positive image in the community – and showing that our club is worth joining.

  • 2021

    Country Coordinator at Climate Live 2021

  • 2021

    Featured in Climate Live 2021 Official Video

  • 2020-Present

    Founder Member at Share Your Portion

  • 2020-21

    Building Bridges Through Leadership Training

  • 2020

    Delegate at National Youth Assembly in 2020

  • 2020- Present

    Roller Skates

  • 2019-21

    Climate Activist at FFFbd

  • 2019

    Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp by EMK center

  • 2019

    Personal Development Course by Bangladesh Scout

  • 2019

    Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

  • 2019

    Participant at 1st National ICT Scout Jamboree

  • 2018

    First Aid Training

  • 2016

    Diploma in Computer Science (6 month long course)

  • 2016-Present

    Active Social Activist at Local Youth Group