Novel & Novelist of The Victorian Era

We all know that the Victorian age started in 1832 to 1902 during the reign of Queen Victoria. And this age is one of the most remarkable periods in the history of England. And this age actually was the age of prose and novel. We found huge development of prose and novels on this age. The novels via looking like the bright star in the sky of England during the Victorian age. The time the great novelist mentioned below: Charles Dickens is one of them, and we find Thomas Hardy, George Eliot, and Robert Browning (I like Robert Browning’s mastery of dramatic monologue). From their Charles Dickens is the most famous as we find on various sources. A tale of two cities is one of his works and it is well known. He was actually a literary genius. George Eliot is a woman who was also a leading victory and novelist. I may forget some of her but I will share once with every member. She was actually held to define realism I mean she solely works on realize I’m things. We find another great novelist named Thomas hardy. Actually, he is known for his many novels, short stories, and poems. We find some significant social religious and political development in his works. ‘The old man and the lady’ is one of his works. Conclusion: The Victorian age ended right after Queen Victoria died. It was 1901. But the Victorian age still lives today through music, literature, and art. This age is always be remembered as a great time in the history of England in the Victorian age.

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